What is Access Florida?

Away from the glitz and the glamor of the night clubs and beaches, there are a lot of people in the city of Florida who cannot afford to sustain themselves. These people have very low income and find it quite difficult to make ends meet. The government of Florida has the responsibility to ensure that they are taken proper care of. It is the duty of the government to take care of all its citizens and ensure that all of them are able to receive at least the basic facilities for a sustainable living. For this purpose, the access Florida program was begun.

This program helps in identifying people who require public assistance and they also take care of case management as well. They run 3 types of programs Food assistance, Medicaid and Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA). The Food assistance program is for families and individuals that have a very low income and are not able to get the food that they need.

This program helps them to buy the food that they need. Medicaid program helps in providing medical and health care to low income families and groups. The Temporary Cash Assistance program provides short term cash benefits to families that have students under the age of 18 or 19 so that they can complete their final semesters.

The eligibility for each of these programs has various criteria and the benefits from the programs and the way that they are distributed also vary from case to case.

Those who are interested in enrolling for any of these programs can apply for it online at the access Florida website. While applying for these programs, you will be required to submit relevant documents to prove your identity and also to prove that you are eligible for the program that you are applying for. Once the application has been submitted, it is then studied by the department to make sure that the person is indeed eligible for it. Once this has been confirmed, the person will be intimated and he can avail of these facilities over the website. The application and the disbursement of all these programs online have helped to streamline the entire process and ensure that there are no loopholes in the flow.

The access Florida program has served as a role model as it is one of the best economic self-sufficiency services in the whole of USA. The fact that it combines a social cause with technology to service the needy is a rare combination and shows the commitment of the program and the individuals associated with it.

This program is available all days of the week and the people are served 24 hrs a day through the web application and an IVRS system and the grand success of this program has proved it to be a national model which can be emulated in any part with the right commitment and effort.

Its continued success is the reason why it has been awarded several prizes over the years for their excellent services and they continue to receive grants from the government for achieving their targets and proving to be a successful model.