Florida Medical License Facts

Florida medical license is needed in order to be able to practice medicine in the state of Florida. Obtaining one is as simple in Florida as it is in most other states, but it’s important to know as much as possible about the process in order to be prepared for when you need to obtain yours.

What is a Florida Medical License and Who Needs One?

The Florida Department of Health issues the medical license to any practitioners of medicine in the state of Florida. Not only will general practitioners, dentists, and therapists – the most common types of medical professionals – need a license, but even chiropractors, massage therapists, midwives, pharmacists, and psychologists will need to obtain the license.This license certifies that the person is qualified according to the standards of medicine required by the Florida Department of Health, and will ensure that their practice is approved according to the medicine laws of the state.

What’s Required to Apply for a License?

The good news about applying for a license is that you can do it both online and in person, meaning that you can choose the application method that will be easiest for you. You can find the place to apply for the medical license on the website of the Florida State Department of Health, and almost all of the medical practices are covered in the categories. An application can be downloaded in order to print out and fill out by hand, making it possible to present the application already filled out in person.

There are a few levels of certification and licensing required. Doctors are able to obtain a temporary license in order to teach medicine, or they can obtain an unrestricted license in order to practice medicine in hospitals or in-house medicine. In order to apply for the license:

  • A background check will be run to be certain that the doctor doesn’t have any criminal history
  • Fingerprints must be taken for the medical license to be obtained (Fingerprints can be taken using the Applicant Fingerprint Card, or via the Florida Board of Medicine. This not only applies to those requesting certification for the first time, but also those who have practiced medicine in other states but want to be certified by the Florida Department of Health in order to practice medicine in Florida.)
  • The person applying for the medical license will also need to prove that they are financially responsible, usually by proving that they have some kind of medical insurance coverage
  • The person applying for the license will need to submit the transcripts from their accredited medical education, which has been accredited by the LCME (If an applicant has a license from another country beside the United States will need to submit not only the transcripts from their medical educational establishment, but also a certification from the ECFMG – which accredits foreign educational bodies similar to the way the LCME accredits U.S.-based establishments.)
  • Proof of having taken and passed the Federation Licensing Exam, the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam, or the National Boards must be presented.
  • Proof of having completed RCSPC or ACGME Accredited Post-graduate training programs must also be presented (Students from outside the U.S. must complete three years of specialized training in order to meet the requirements.)
  • Two letters of reference by certified physicians.
  • A physician profile report by the AMA.
  • Forms from the residency, fellowship, and internships in your medical history.

What are the Florida Medical License Renewal Requirements?

In addition to the requirements above, renewing the medical license in Florida will require that you present all the past and present state medical licenses that you have.