Florida Secretary of State Information

Florida secretary of state is one of the most powerful positions in the State of Florida. He is appointed by the Governor of Florida and he is expected to discharge his functions in a variety of fields/departments.

It started off as a very small office but now its functions have grown massively over the years and now the Secretary is also the Chief of Elections, the Chief Cultural officer, the State Protocol Officer and he is also the head of the Department of the State.

He also plays a very important and crucial part in the growth and the development of the industries and business in the state of Florida. The Florida Department of State has several divisions and one of it is the Division of Corporations and the Florida Secretary of State is responsible for this division as well, along with the others.

Any business entity has to file its annual report with this department so that they can maintain their active status and also ensure that they escape from the various fines.

Anyone looking to start a business in Florida will have to apply for it in the Division of Corporations. They need to first choose a business name and then check whether it is available or it has been taken by someone else. This check can be done in this department at their website or you can visit their office as well.

The website provides a wealth of information about how a business can be started, what the procedures are, what are the advantages of starting a business, if it’s an international business what kind of things need to be taken care of etc. All the information is very comprehensive and it is to the credit of the department and the Florida Secretary of State that such a through process has been put in place for starting and running a business.

This office was started in 1838 and so far, there have been 33 Secretaries of State for Florida and recently, in the year 2012, Ken Detzner has been appointed as the Florida Secretary of State. Many of them, including Ken, are well versed with business and management as well and so their policies have always been helpful and conducive for the start and growth of any business.

To help him with his duties, the secretary also has an assistant Secretary of State and Deputy Secretaries as well. Their roles are well defined and their responsibilities are also shared so that any kind of processing that needs their attention is quickly taken proper care of.

To help the people in case of any emergency queries, their email IDs are also provided in the website of the department and people can contact him over mail.

The Florida secretary of State is a much coveted position and well respected too, especially in the business circles for the power it wields and the influence that the office has over the business policies of the State of Florida.