How to Get a Taxi Business License Florida

Getting a business license in Florida is quite a long process, but attainable. On the other hand, getting a taxi business license Florida is another story. In order to obtain a permit for your taxi business, you must take multiple steps that will need you to fill out plenty of paperwork and give lots of requirements to the government. Listed below is a short tutorial on applying for a permit in the taxi business line.

What you will need. Before you apply for the taxi business permit, you must have a number of things already in your possession before you make any moves. For one, you already need to have a valid and registered business name. Then, you will also be required to present your current tax and bank records, so make sure you have that information on hand. Finally, your EIN (Employer Identification Number) will also be needed. If you do not have that number, you can apply for it through the Internal Revenue Service or IRS.

The application process. When you apply for a taxi business license Florida, the first thing you must do is determine the classification of your business. If you are a sole proprietor, you do not need to register it with the state. However, other types such as partnerships and LLC’s are required to register. Then, you will need to register with the Florida Department of Revenue which is a requirement before you are officially allowed to start your taxi operations.

Make sure that you pay all the required fees and other costs that will be required from you. Operating your taxis without a business license Florida will get you into loads of trouble with the government. Finally, other than applying in person, you can complete the application process through snail mail or online application.