State of Florida Jobs Information

Florida’s economy is very closely linked to the tourism trade; however that does not mean that all jobs in Florida are in tourism. There are jobs in the Agricultural fields of Livestock, citrus, sugar cane, tomatoes and strawberries. In the Industrial fields there are phosphate mining and aerospace industries, and of course there is the fishing industry which employs over 60,000 workers.

The tourism industry, which includes the largest attractions of Disney World, and Universal Studio’s, employs over 18 million workers State wide. Present unemployment rates are between 11 and 12 percent but this can fluctuate widely, depending on how tourism and fishing industries are faring. As it can be seen, the tourist industry is one of the biggest industries in this region and the policies of the government also greatly encourage this sector of the economy, which is also a reason for the flourishing tourism business.

In the fishing industry these jobs could be anything from fishing tours and charters to commercial fishing to working in the retail aspect of fishing industry.

In the agriculture industry there is the livestock portion of the industry, helping to raise the livestock and delivery of the end product to the stores or for shipment. The citrus farms are some of the best in the world and require both seasonal and full time employment and the same holds true for the sugar cane industry. This is an industry which is very basic and fundamental to any economy and the government continues to encourage this sector with the aim of growing it to its full potential.

There are also the high tech jobs involved in both the tourism field and other areas such as aerospace and mining. All three of these fields also require unskilled labor and many offer positions with growth potential for the right workers. This is a fast growing industry and ideally suited for those who can think and act quickly and both skilled and unskilled labor is almost always in demand in this sector.

There is also the support industry, such as diesel mechanics for the trucking industry, large vehicle drivers and mechanics for the farming industry, marine engine mechanics and boat technicians for both the tourism industry and fishing industry.

The State government Jobs run the normal gambit of  law enforcement including correctional workers police officers and forensic scientists and technicians, and their support services, the medical profession, both public and private and including research, treatment, clinical labs and of course Doctors and Nurses. These are standard jobs with fixed timings and benefits and despite the fact that these jobs have been long in existence, they continue to be one of the most sought after jobs.

There are other areas of employment such as the natural environmental services. These can include researchers determining how many licenses too issue, fish and game wardens, park rangers and even fire prevention. There are also many new industries and fields coming up which require many new workers and the opportunities continue to flourish for the people with the right qualifications.