A Florida LLC, or limited liability company, is a special form of business that is established when you want to protect your personal assets from liabilities of your company. You only need one person to set up an LLC in Florida and the process is not complicated, but you must fully understand how this will […]

The Florida secretary of state is one of the most powerful positions in the State of Florida. He is appointed by the Governor of Florida and he is expected to discharge his functions in a variety of fields/departments. It started off as a very small office but now its functions have grown massively over the […]

Away from the glitz and the glamor of the night clubs and beaches, there are a lot of people in the city of Florida who cannot afford to sustain themselves. These people have very low income and find it quite difficult to make ends meet. The government of Florida has the responsibility to ensure that […]

Sunbiz.org is a web site for Florida companies and it is run by Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations’. It is the State’s central point for the variety of activities which include filings, trade and service mark registrations, lien filings, financing statements and notary registrations to name a few. It services two broad functions. […]

Florida’s economy is very closely linked to the tourism trade; however that does not mean that all jobs in Florida are in tourism. There are jobs in the Agricultural fields of Livestock, citrus, sugar cane, tomatoes and strawberries. In the Industrial fields there are phosphate mining and aerospace industries, and of course there is the […]

Getting a business license in Florida is quite a long process, but attainable. On the other hand, getting a taxi business license Florida is another story. In order to obtain a permit for your taxi business, you must take multiple steps that will need you to fill out plenty of paperwork and give lots of […]