What is Sunbiz.org? All You Need to Know About Sunbiz.org

Sunbiz.org is a web site for Florida companies and it is run by Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations’. It is the State’s central point for the variety of activities which include filings, trade and service mark registrations, lien filings, financing statements and notary registrations to name a few. It services two broad functions. The first is that it formalizes the legal standing of a business by accepting and indexing the filing or registration and the second is that it supplies information and certification of the filings.

The division of corporations is the most active corporate filing entity in the country. Anyone seeking to start or run a business in Florida has to be aware of this website and how it works and what kind of services are undertaken by the government through this website so that he can make good use of the same.

The web site www.sunbiz.org is the official business entity index, and was created as an online public resource that aids in business activities. Public information about the corporations and other businesses protects both the public and business and ensures that the business dealings are conducted by properly registered businesses. It also can act as a deterrent to unscrupulous business. It works with law enforcement, citizens and business people as a resource for locating businesses.

On the web page of sunbiz.org you will find listing of what the public or businesses can look up. You can search all the records to see if there is a federal lien on a business or a judgment lien, you can search by company name or trade mark, whether it is a limited partnership or a limited liability partnership, you can look up an owner’s name and see what companies he is registered with. This will provide you a lot of information about the company or the business that you are looking out for.

Companies can look up the forms that they need to file and when they are to be done by, they can look up where notaries are located to help find the closest, they can find out what the fees are so that they know what is owed when they file. Companies can e-file the forms or print them off and file them. The public can download images of most of the filed documents so that they can see the original paper work. This helps the corporations as well as the public with a great deal of information of how the entire system works and makes the job of filing and other related work much easier.

The sunbiz.org operated by Florida’s Division of Corporations’  is where a company can find what they need so that they can conduct a legitimate business in Florida, the public can find out about the businesses that they are dealing with and make sure they are legitimate.

This website acts as a front end for the corporates division of the government and it not only provides information but saves a lot of work and effort for the business and the government as most of the activities is managed online.